Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sacred Green

Hey folks and followers:

Sacred Green Church is a blog for followers of Polytheistic Animism.

Sacred Green is my personal religion, 50 years of study and religious experience coalesced into a system of belief. 

New Animist has been wonderful and I am grateful for my followers. I encourage you to check out Sacred Green and become a follower there. This blog will stay up, but I won't be adding any new posts to it.

If you like Sacred Green, stay and learn. You know I welcome comments! Eventually, I would be delighted to connect folks who are interested in exploring Sacred Green in local groups.

In a nutshell, Polytheistic Animists:
  • Believe that there are many gods and that it is important to choose our gods carefully. Our pantheons are filled with kind and loving gods.
  • Believe in an animist reality in which spirit and matter are fully integrated. All that exists materially is intelligent and ensouled. All that exists spiritually is manifest.
  • Practice and behave so as to bring about a world of peace and abundance for all of humanity and a well-balanced, garden earth.
That's all, folks! See you at Sacred Green,
Lilly      (aka: Puny Human)