Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Can't Brand Me!

Brand yourself! That's the advice I got when I was looking for a job. When I was offering services, writing pamphlets, making art, seeking new friendships, and moving to a new town. Brand yourself! All the websites advised it. The gurus celebrated it. Make yourself easy to understand, they told me. Simplify your message. Craft yourself into a "unique selling proposition." Find your tag line. Define your self in three to five words.

Well pfooey to that!

Only manufactured products can be branded. Only things. 

No human born is that easy to understand. Humans are each and every one of us unique. We're infinitely complex and impossible to define. Three to five words? Don't make me laugh!

For years now, I've stumbled about on this blog, seeking a way to define its brand—and as a reflection of my cosmology and cultural reality, to simplify, singularize and brand my system of belief. But it can't be done!

Animist? Sure! But I'm also an artist and a Christian. Emotional and intellectual. Radical and conservative. A patriot and a critic of American culture. 

And while I tried to stuff all this into one envelop, websites rose and fell, this blog faltered and my art was wasted promoting the latest brand

What does it mean for us to brand ourselves, anyway? It means that we become like cattle for sale in the marketplace. The self becomes a product. So, let's not do it anymore! Let's stop reading those websites and be ourselves in all of our glorious confusion. Why should we dumb ourselves down so that we're easier to understand. It's great to be humble, but let's not allow ourselves to be owned.

And all of this ranting is just to say that I don’t want to write or draw only about animism anymore, or only about systems of belief, or only about sex or art or magic. I do, I think about, I write about, I am, all of those things and so much more. So, at the risk of being seen as an intellectual or religious dilettante, this blog is ready to relaunch yet again, but this time in all of its confusing and human complexity.


Moma Fauna said...

And I await all your confusing human complexity with much anticipation. ;)

puny human said...

Thanks Moma. I checked out your blog . . . it's wonderful and I encourage my readers to visit there. Yes, I'm standing in the center of the fire (as the poem you published asked) and I am not afraid! Best wishes, Puny.

Alistair Hohenheim said...

I find you really interesting and the way you mix Christian beliefs with Animism is quite intriguing for animism these days is closely related more to neo- shamanism, and neo- paganism...:)

puny human said...

It's true, Alistair. Thanks for the comment. I'm a product of my own cultural influences, and don't pretend to any tribal connection or use of the word "shaman." My system of belief has some surprising overlap with Christianity. For example, I believe that humans have a propensity to sin and that we are in need of greater-than-human help if we're to survive as a species. On the other hand, I'm a flaming polytheist. 'Nuff said!

By the way, this blog has now been officially abandoned, at least for the time being. I've moved to http://www.sacredgreen.blogspot.com

Best wishes, Puny.