Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love is the Answer

My message is simple: Wake up, humans, from your cultural dream! See the dominators for who they really are and reject them, their values, their realities and their institutions. The dominators are a power that has nested like a nightmare cuckoo bird inside the human soul. They're tearing us apart from the inside out.

Open the media blinds on the windows of your eyes and turn to the gods of love! Practice kindness and compassion. Do the things you know are right and good, the things you’ve set aside in favor of Mammon’s tinkling bells.

Shake off the demons of cruelty and greed and learn what you need to know and do what you need to do to prevent a violent apocalypse and avoid species extinction.

Stop this ridiculous bickering between science and religion and stop the monogods from their bitter fight for dominance. Reunite them into their true complexity.

Recognize and honor the animal body and the human soul—one is not possible without the other. Materialists, stand and face your spirit. Believers, see that the animal body is also good and necessary and righteous and beloved of the Creator.

Humans, please listen. We’re not the only or even the most intelligent creatures on this world or any other. We’re just puny, weak little creatures, but we are not alone. Intelligence permeates all things, and there are entities greater than we are watching over us.

Turn off the television set. Shut down your computer.

Go outside and fall to your knees before the Creator of the Flesh!

Give thanks to the Green God, without whom we could not live.

Open your eyes to the Sun, source of warmth and light.

Bow down before the awesome might of Auntie Karma and Uncle Chaos.

Kiss the Earth, our mother, our queen, who gives us birth into the reality of the flesh and who receives the flesh when we are done.

Wake up, humanity! Love is the answer!