Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wowie, zowie, it's amazing to revisit this blog after such a long time and find that people are still finding it and commenting on it. Thanks so much.

I'm out of the loop. Where are the animists today? The bioregionals? The tribalists? The oddballs like me, who talk to rocks and trees and hear the voices of the cloud people rising as the planet warms?

Lately, I've become aware of a couple of new areas of development in the animist world. The first is the attention being paid to assemblages in Human Geography. It's still an academic exploration among the university elites, but scholars are beginning to admit nonhumans into the social system as actors and agents of change. I find their work heartening. See, for example, Jane Bennett or recent work in political science like Political Matter.  

The other area is in objects as love objects. See the facebook page Objectum Sexuality. When reporting on this phenomenon, many articles will call it a disorder or a fetish. See the wikipedia article for a more objective (no pun intended) discussion. Objectum Sexuality, though, is limited to erotic or sexual relationship with the nonhuman, and I'm more interested in friendship, teacher-student, and family type relationships between humans and nonhumans.

I'm delighted to be back from the south, where my husband and I spent a sabbatical year, and living in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. I'm reviving my counseling practice here, as a hypnotist and life coach, this time specializing in serving creatives, sensitives and countercultural folks of all kinds. Yup, they're my peeps! My homies!

Once I'm up and running, the study project for the year is learning more about object love. I'll have a survey up in November, but meanwhile, if you have any experiences you'd like to share about your love for nonhumans, and we're talking about the whole spectrum of relationship, not just the sexual, do drop me a line here. Go to "view my complete profile" and click email.