Thursday, December 6, 2012

Which God?

The monotheists have been bickering for quite a while now over which one is the real one, the only real and true mono-god. The Big "G." He [sic]-Who-is-Everything. They still haven't figured out that the very fact of their bickering shows that there exists more than one god.

The great earth pantheon is home to more gods than are written about in the monotheists' various sacred books. When we celebrate Christmas in an orgy of consumption, we are performing the ritual of Mammon, God of Money and Greed. When we tune in faithfully to American Idol and do exegesis on OK! magazine, we are participating in the Cult of Celebrity. Our screens are altars to the Techno-Deity. Our politics a peon to Power.

I don't give a shit how many gods there are in this little piece of universe, or whether some churches think they hold the monopoly on the god-thing. What I care about is which gods a person chooses to love and follow.

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