Saturday, November 3, 2012

Write your own caption . . .

Maybe it stands alone and doesn't need a caption. What would you have the character say?


Joanne Church said...

My first reaction was, "No need to run, it's only a book!" But then I started thinking about the power of that one book, the suffering that has been justified by twisting the words in that one book. And it seems that the book should be much bigger, bigger than the man, threatening not just to hit him in the back but to crush the life out of him.

Julieju said...

Great drawing! Are bibles getting tossed at you in Kentucky? I hope not. It seems so irrelevant to me, and then I met some women who are just newly extricating themselves from the clutches of organized religions. Jeesh! I hope you are doing well.

puny human said...

Some ideas from behind the scenes:

1. Catching the “Hail Mary” pass
2. Christopher Hitchens speaks at the Gideons conference

Speech bubbles:
1. Christ! God’s thrown the book at me!
2. All I said was “horse shit”…
3. Honey, I meant “licentious” in a good way

Caption: After all is said and done, gotta move while it’s still fun, let me walk before they make me run.