Saturday, October 13, 2012

Greetings from Kentucky

Hello from Lexington, KY,
That's right, we've moved south, and we find the human people here to be warm and friendly, but oh how we miss the tree people! We have two big oaks in the back yard, and live on a street with mature trees of various kinds, willows, larch, even a maple tree or two or three, but the woods that surrounded us in upstate New York are missing, and they are missed indeed.

Every once in a while, someone will write me a note through this blog, to tell me that he or she appreciates my words. I'm grateful for those who write to tell me that I am not alone, but many of my readers feel lonely themselves, young people who feel uncertain or scared by their animist experiences, folks of all ages who have been shamed or ostracized for their beliefs.

Now that the word religion has become synonymous with determined ignorance and the word spirituality is often used to denote a vague and happy new age selfishness, what word can we use to describe ourselves? Even the liberal churches tend to a Cartesian dualism between matter and spirit, while the unity or interfusion of matter and spirit is the defining belief of animism.

There's no pigeonhole into which we fit, but we can find one another online, and that gives comfort to many of us who are otherwise isolated. Please keep writing! I'm so happy to hear from you!
Puny Human

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