Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Resist Apocalypse!

I'm getting frustrated with this "series" about my animist "practice." Heck, I'm just a human animal doing my thing. I try to live consciously. I want to see clearly. I want to grow in spirit and I want to die into Charlie's arms. My practice includes things like cooking nice dinners for my husband and spending my money flying out to California to see my beautiful older daughter and taking the creepy bus to NYC to see my beautiful younger daughter and helping to send my son to Germany with his band.

If you're looking for ritual, then, I observe the agricultural year, and I offer one day each week to the gods of love. That's my shabbos (sabbath) and I don't make or spend money on that day, and I make love and art and play on that day and take naps. I create and enact ritual when times need ritual, for example, to heal from sickness or celebrate an anniversary. I work magic when times need magic, but I have great respect for the forces I call upon and choose carefully and rarely when to work magic.

I talk to my gods and they talk to me on an ongoing basis. I'm awfully lucky that way. I can hear the voices of my gods whenever I call on them. I don't need a liturgy or church or even a ritual. I just say, "Hey! Charlie, watcha up to?" And Charlie tells me stories. I say, "Sun, you are one powerful dude." And Sun shines down on me. I say, "Green God, would you feed me today?" And damned if he doesn't feed me.

And several times each week, I enter into green space, define that as you will, and I make art, dance, sing, make love, hang out with my tree friends, and in other ways, I am in the joyful moment in the flesh. That's my practice.

Here's an animist practice: Resist the apocalypse of the dominators and their monogods. Do everything you can for the salvation of humanity in the flesh on this garden earth, and for the sustenance of this garden earth, for millions of years to come. Until the Sun goes Nova. Until the stars fall from the skies. Do it with joy.

Make a lot of love. Make love and be saved! How's that for a motto?

Make more love and make more joy and make more art and resist their damned apocalypse with everything you've got. 
How's that for an animist practice?

PS: You can help my son bring joy to kids on street corners here: Vermont Joy Parade.
PPS: The picture above is from a larger piece, 12 x 12, that doesn't cut off her shoe.


Anonymous said...

Very well said my friend. This reminds me of a post I wrote a long time ago

puny human said...

Thanks Fishbowl. I visited your post and can see our similarities. I'm quoting from you here:

"Simple acts of joy, sorrow, respect, and expressions of your relationships should become daily parts of life to help strengthen a connection to the land and the community. By intentionally taking time out of the day to go for walk in the park, sit near the river, watch the squirrels, and generally take care of basic needs in as minimalistic and simple way I remind myself of my animist ethics."

Green Man said...

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been able to find the artist's name of the erotic Cernunnos. :(