Saturday, April 2, 2011


The dominators* are making fools of us all, setting us at one another’s throats with weapons, churning our momentary existence here on earth into the kind of profit that buys power, and with that power they tighten the noose. Do I think there’s a conspiracy? Not exactly. I think that the great crime families of the nations and religions are fighting it out for global domination and we’re the pawns. They don’t give a shit about us. To them we’re no more than service animals, churning out cannon fodder for their violent games.

They may claim to represent a loving god, but by their fruits they are easily known, and their fruits are cruelty and greed and fear and scarcity. They may claim allegiance to a particular nation, but this is merely a matter of convenience. When a nation is no longer useful to them as an army and a breadbasket for the army, they will discard one nation in favor of another, or of a combination of nations, or of none of them. The World Bank, for example, is a transnational dominator institution. Communist, capitalist, socialist, theocracy, democracy, monarchy, fascist state, drug cartel . . . they don’t care the political model through which they work or the type of economy they work with — any one will do if it can be used to control and direct people to dominator ends. What crumbs they’ve thrown us from science or medicine they would gladly take away if they could get away with it. Will we let them get away with it?

*for a basic definition of the dominators, click HERE.

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