Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome back to the Green God!

The Green God arises and soon he will reign in a wealth of green places, wet and dry, warm and cool, all over the lush round body of the Earth.

The Green God embraces Earth and she conceives and gives birth to 10, 000 things. Flowers and birds, dogs and trees, and all the green people and animal people are born of this union.

Without the Green God, all the animals would surely starve. We humans would starve. Fall to your knees before the glorious face of the reborn one! Celebrate with the bunnies. Lay your eggs with the hens. I am grateful for the gifts of the Green God, I sing his praises night and day. I worship him without shame.

I'm pleased and proud to worship the Green God. "Yes, Beloved," I call out to him in springtime. "Lay your hands on my flesh. Open my body to the pleasures of sex and the senses. Open me!"

I won't be afraid.

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Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Wonderfully evocative post. Green is such a powerful energy and indeed very sexual when you consider it's the color of primal nature. Primal lust in humans was first celebrated amongst the emerald forests, so rejoice in your body re-awakening!! I know I am.