Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Father's Path

Ever since my experience with the medium, I've been reaching out to my ancestors, especially to my father. After all, if I don't need a priest to make love with my gods, why would I need a medium to talk with my father? I created an altar to my ancestors, and a few days ago, I lit the candle and woke the altar up, and entered into sacred space and called to my dad.

Boy, did he answer! The years disappeared and the veil between the worlds was cast aside.

He taught me many things that evening, and I understood that the path I follow is my father's path. He was a practitioner of radical love and his love is what saved me from the demons of my childhood. He forgave me and others for the most egregious attacks on his person. He insisted on joy. Even as the world tried to crush him, he sang. He taught comparative religions to students of science and engineering at Drexel University, then called the Institute of Technology, and shared his worship and ritual with people of all faiths from around the world. He wrote articles about forgiveness and denounced the vengeful nature of the "criminal justice system" in his published work.

All of his suffering he used as a tool to grow in spirit, just as I have tried to do.

He told me not to write down what he said—I am compulsive about writing down my conversations with Charlie—and so much of it I seem to have forgotten already, but he insists that the things he teaches must be understood so deeply that they will inform my life from the inside out. I will remember, he told me, when I need to remember. But this burned right into my heart: I follow my father's path.


Emily said...

This is wonderful. I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Puny dear - what a joyful posting - I can feel the joy all the way across the state. How wonderful that a relationship can evolve even after physical death.

In my work with my father after his death, I realize he really grew spiritually in years before his death and that makes me feel very good. I appreciated his kindness towards me and understanding.

I am excited about a class I am taking that starts late in the week - on working with angels and their angelic energy. I feel so bogged down by the struggle and dreariness of my daily life, this should be wonderful and uplifing. I'd like to bring that energy into my life and art.

Blessings to you and this newfound connection to your lovely father.