Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sun of gOd

The New Animism has its champions, but I have yet to find an argument for the validity of animism as cogent as Gregory Sams'. His book Sun of gOd (2009) doesn't linger long on Sun as a deity, but he makes his point quickly: the earth and all of us puny humans would die without Sun's light, heat, and energy. In fact, Sun may be the progenitor of Gaia, herself. Instead of a litergy of Sun worship, the book builds a case for the probability of Sun's consciousness and intelligence, and in so doing, opens the reader's mind to the consciousness and intelligence inherent in all things. This foundational concept, put rationally and succinctly, builds the case for animism as a rational choice in a contemporary world.

The book takes a rambling route around its main point, touching on topics as diverse as the origins of religious institutions and a planetary tour of the solar system. I was delighted to find many of the questions that have troubled me articulated in the book. For example, in speaking of the crucifixion, "how can logic be so twisted as to propose that, in response to this ungrateful deed, gOd absolved us of all sins . . .?" I found ideas that I've also put forth, as in, "no particular ritual is required or more important than our simple grateful awareness" and the impact of chaos on our best-laid human plans. Just Sams' use of syntax in the word "gOd" as he attempts to distinguish the mono-gods from other gods, brings to mind our own struggle with the issue.

But the most important work Sams accomplishes with Sun of gOd is to call into question the culture's absolute faith in rationalist, materialist science. His critique of science stands well next to Vine Deloria's* as he describes creation evolving purposefully "from the bottom up" and the existence of what he calls "non-brain-based intelligence."

All in all, an essential read for New Animists. You can purchase the book and learn more about author Gregory Sams on his website.
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Post Script: By the way, in the image above, the flowers are singing a hymn to Sun originally written to the Christian god in the 4th century: Phos Hilaron. Drop me an email if you're interested in the complete lyrics.

*See, for example, Deloria's: Evolution, Creationism, and Other Modern Myths.


masterymistery said...

Yes I'm a fan of SunofG0d myself. Sams does an excellent job highlighting the issues and problems of this thing we call our "culture" and pointing the way to a new mode of thinking and being that is much more aligned with the Tao. Actually, it's not a "new mode", it's an old mode that we have forgotten and/or destroyed.

Excellent blog, Love the artwork.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

abitosunshine said...

Sounds like an enlightening read.

EmilyJean said...

Sort of related - While not an animist, I do believe that the sun (and the stars!) has divine intelligence which I access when I meditate, especially with the audio course by Orin called: "Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light" - I connect with the divine solar light, bring it into myself, and radiate it out to aid in healing others and the world.
I have also learned that each of us is connected to our own star soul. Friday night we were camping - when I went out to find the restroom I gazed up at the stars and saw one very faint little one that appeared to me moving in little circles. I stared at it for a long time to see if it moved like a plane or satellite, but it just kept wobbling in place. I saw it again on my way back from the restroom, and again right before I got back in the tent. There was no mistake that it was a distant star, moving in little circles. I decided it must be my soul star, letting me know she was sending her love!