Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mushroom Animists

I count myself lucky when another reader sends me a note or a link, as Adam recently did. Adam is the author of the blog Animystic. As I reach out, I am delighted to find a growing number of people who have animist experiences, many of us from our earliest childhood. David Ehrenfeld wrote me a note after reading my review of his book The Arrogance of Humanism. He is still writing at the cutting edge of science and spirituality, most recently Becoming Good Ancestors: How We Balance Nature, Community and Technology. Can't wait to read it.

I am thinking that we animists are like mushrooms, quietly building a network underground, popping up here and there, stronger than we appear on the surface. Some of us are psychedelic, others are healers, of breathtaking beauty, rising from the rot of the dominator culture.
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gregchaos said...

Thought you might enjoy the opening para to the chapter on Animism in my new book, Sun of gOd. It's kind of an animist manifesto centred on the conscious nature of the Sun:

"There was a time when we did not have such knowledge of the world around us, and how it works the way it does. We did not understand the chemical process of combustion or the makeup of a flame. Fire was a great mystery to us, even after we learned to manage and maintain it. We knew nothing of the delicate cellular requirements for organic life - or of the neurological structures of our brain, which enable us to experience our existence. We assumed that fire had a life of its own, and that all manner of other things were able to experience their own existence, whether or not they had brains, eyes and blood-filled veins.

More at

puny human said...

Thanks Greg,
You might know from my companion blog "Charlie and the Gods of Love" that Sun is one of the gods I worship and adore. I consider Sun to be a god of love because of the constancy of his gifts to us: warmth, light, life. I'll look forward to reading your book. Your blogger identity, however, is blocked and we can't read your profile. You might want to unblock that!

gregchaos said...

Done - the profile is open now. thanks for the tip. Have looked at Charlie and I think you'll REALLY enjoy the book. You'd also like my other book, Uncommon Sense - the State is Out of Date, which is now all online at the website. Anarchy for the 21st century!

t23 said...
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t23 said...

Glad that you posted a comment to my blog and I really enJOY that you wrote about mushrooms and the decay of the dominator kulture.

I am enJoying your blogs and hope to keep in touch as time unfolds.

Do look into it is a pretty active online animist group. I sense that it would greatly benefit from your presence, point of view and energy.

See you around Cyberia,