Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Animist Manifesto

We, the kind and loving animist human children of our glorious mother Earth, do hereby declare our existence, our worth, and our difference from the dominators and their followers.

We believe that all material being is alive, intelligent, and imbued with spirit.

We renounce greed and the lust for power and we no longer accept any justification for greed and the lust for power on the part of our leaders, our churches, our nations, our neighbors, or our gods. We renounce any gods who encourage greed and the lust for power in humans, and we renounce those gods who are willing to act as ultimate justifiers for human violence.

We, the animist children of Earth, do hereby declare that the future belongs to the loving and the kind and not to bullies and criminals. We declare the right of our children’s children to survive in the flesh and inherit a habitable Earth. We believe it is possible for humanity to thrive on this planet for many more thousands of years, so we will resist the apocalypse of the monotheists, and seek a balanced world of peace and abundance.

Resist Apocalypse!
Love will prevail!

This is what new animists believe:
  • Animists believe that all material being is imbued with spirit, and all spirit is manifest. We believe that all of Creation is alive and intelligent.
  • Animists believe that our animal bodies are good and that life in the flesh on the Earth is good. We rejoice and are glad in it.
  • Regarding the gods, we may be pantheists, polytheists, agnostics or atheists, but we are rarely monotheists and never humanists.

This is what new animists know:
  • Dominators have ruled the Earth for thousands of years and they are driving us to the edge of extinction.
  • Dominators are the elite, wealthy, and powerful criminal class of every time and place. They have worn many faces, and over the millennia dominators have assumed the roles of warrior kings and priests, emperors and royal families, corporations, nation-states, and churches.
  • Dominators have used many weapons to terrorize and control other people and take everything they can get their hands on, including weapons of physical violence and weapons of mental and spiritual control. Weapons of mental and spiritual control include church doctrines, threats of hell and damnation, marginalization and ridicule, pathologizing, and demeaning, as well as the control of cultures and social institutions, and the control of mythologies, the sciences, and what is acceptable as possible and real.
  • Today’s dominators have claimed a monopoly on justified violence in a corporate trust of churches, states, parties, economies, media and other powerful institutions that claim loyalty to and garner ultimate justification from a variety of monotheistic gods.
  • The dominators have wiped out all but a remnant of the ancient tribal animists, but animists old and new may yet rise up and reclaim our garden planet Earth. Gathering our friends and families, we are walking home to Eden together. We shun the glittering toys and material comforts that are crumbs fallen from the tables of the dominators. There is another reality. Look toward the light! The Green God lifts his lamp by the garden gate!

This is what new animists value:
  • We value life in all of its forms, human and nonhuman, lived in the flesh on the Earth.
  • We value traditional things like hard work and deep pleasures, home and family, lifelong learning, courage, creativity, and right relationship.
  • We value kindness and helpfulness and other gentle and useful characteristics.
  • We value nourishing food, clean air and water, safe communities and other things that sustain our bodies and souls.
  • We value time spent in nature, time with family and friends and gods, time to be as well as time to do.
  • We value human children and nonhuman children.
  • We do not value money, the possession of large quantities of things, power over others, physical perfection, competitive success, or celebrity.
This is what new animists practice:
  • We consider ourselves friends and kinfolk with all Earth beings, such as plants and animals, geologic forms, water, clouds, fire, and air, therefore, we take care of our nonhuman friends.
  • We are grateful that the plants and animals sustain us with their bodies and their lives. We practice gratitude with great passion.
  • We practice right relationship with the four expressions of Creation: ourselves, other humans, all our nonhuman kinfolk, and our gods. We reach out to grow ever closer to one another. We practice living together in peace.
  • We practice a radical love that seeks to love even those who hurt us and feed even our enemies.
  • We practice sacred sex.
  • We are co-creators of the Earth plane. Side by side with our Creator, we work to manifest a planet of peace and abundance. We practice a variety of arts and crafts and express ourselves through the act of creation.
  • We wish all the world well, so we practice healing one another and nurturing good health in ourselves.
  • We work, enjoying the effort of obtaining sustenance and serving one another. We work to make wonderful material things. We work so that all may eat. We work to make our dreams come true. We work to express ourselves and to build the muscles of body and spirit. Work is great! Play is great! Doing nothing is also great.
  • We practice lifelong learning. Then we take the power that knowledge brings and use it in the service of a million more years of loving human kindness.
  • We practice magic, and we will work this magic with all of our strength to transform the dominator reality into an animist reality. We work the magic in everything we do. We vote animist. We write animist. We eat animist. Through the power of our magic, we will live the animist reality into existence.

This is what we believe, know, value, and practice. This is who we are.
Long live the kinfolk of Earth! Love will prevail!

The preceeding is "an" animist manifesto, not "the" manifesto. Having worked in a vaccum these past few years, I was not aware of Graham Harvey's manifesto when I was writing this one, but his is wonderful and may be accessed by searching "animist manifesto" online. Harvey's manifesto focuses more on the personhood of nonhumans and our relationship with them, while mine is meant to raise awareness of dominator control and the possibility of cultural transformation. With many similarities and also many differences, both statements seek to inspire others to follow an animist path. Our mutual goal? The salvation of humankind and nonhumankind, in the flesh, on this beautiful earth.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I like how you emphesis it is A not THEE . . . .

I love your enthusiasm, in fact its kind of contagious. I have a suspision that you may carry with you some Squirrel medicine (probably more then a little). I carry a little with me myself. It comes with a gift for passion on that which sustains (not only the body, but the mind in the spirit). However, It manifest itself in my life with "getting carried away with the big picture" and then not knowing what to do with it once I got it -- I sense that kindred quality in you :)

me and you, it would seem, spend a lot of energy on the Dominators (what I call colonialism) . . .

it is transforming from the inside out -- healing like natural antibiotic in an virus affected immune-system.

Perhaps the pink-skin animist (i just love that term by-the-way) are that antibiotic healing the system from within. . . not to be destroy the system. After all pink-skin or colored-skin no one is unaffected by colonialism / domintors anymore ("the virus").

The question is then how do we do this? I for one think we are stronger working together - but the how is still a question we should be asking - and it must demand some creativity and experimentation. . .

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I am an animist! I haven't really thought of myself that way but I fit right in according to your list. Animist and proud! My spirituality always seems like a secret - I share it with so few people. It is wonderful to get feel the enthusiasm of your blog.

Anonymous said...

I would add that using our imaginations can be a powerful way to create the loving, green garden earth that we desire. Everything made starts out in the imagination. That's the first step to making something real.