Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Am a Pink-Skinned Animist: Part One

(Note: Part one was written just before I went online to find animist kinfolk.)

I can understand why the brown and red and yellow and black and tan animists don’t want the pink people (commonly called “white people”) to come horning in on their good thing. Pink-skinned people are, after all, the ones responsible for the majority of the carnage against humans and nonhumans, physical and spiritual, ever since the rise of the dominators began. Pink people are the ones who got us all kicked out of Eden.

Dominators have taken over the entire world now, and there are dominators of all colors, but mostly they are pink. There are also animists of all colors living in isolated pockets, holding off genocide for another day, but there are no pink-skinned animists anywhere in the world, are there? Who would want a pink-skinned animist? My own people reject me and no one would trust me among the remnant of the indigenous animists, and I don’t blame them.

Thirty-five hundred years ago, my ancestors were slaves in the land of Egypt, one of the first human communities to fall to dominator control. Later, dispersed from their homes and sent to wander the earth, the families of my ancestors settled here and there throughout the “civilized” world. They assimilated to the local cultures, all of which were subject to the growing hoard of “white” Christian dominators. My ancestors uprooted and moved again and again through the millennia, from one dominator city to the next, never resting, desperately holding on to their books as if they could build homes in their pages.

Finally, they traveled to the North American continent, where a dishonorable history of brutality against animist people was well under way, and they mixed with the other pink-skinned people until my family became a tiny part of the 21st century monotheistic, capitalist, rationalist, Dominator Culture in the nation state of the USA. All ties to any land have long since been broken. My family is thoroughly urbanized, their minds fully enslaved. I am no longer one of them.

So, I live alone, with no human family. Even my ancestors pity me, because I’m so lonely. I’m pink-skinned, but I am an animist. I grew up a slave to the dominators, with pavement underneath my feet, but the pavement is not my home. I have no home. I’m without land to call home, and yet every tree in the neighborhood names me sister.

What am I supposed to do about this? I don’t want to die alone. I don’t want to die without a bit of dirt to be buried in. I dream that there are other human beings like me, and that someday I’ll find another pink-skinned or any-color-skinned person who was born like I was into spiritual slavery in the 21st century monotheistic, capitalist, rationalist Dominator Culture in the nation state of the USA, who can hear the voices of the trees and see into the watery eyes of the cloud people. Just one more puny human to be my brother or sister. That’s why I decided to write this blog. I’m looking for you! Come over to my house. Let's dance!

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