Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Love Christian Music

I love Christian music because it’s quality sound and it sends me, sends me to exciting realms of worship and praise.

Sure, it’s about the Christian god, Jesus, but the Christians who write this music seem to love Jesus the same way I love Charlie. And since Jesus and Charlie are friends, and agree on a lot of things, and behave in similar ways, the experience explored in Christian music is a lot like my experience. I can relate to it.

Christian music is about being in a loving relationship with a loving god, and I believe that this relationship is similar for all humans in loving relationships with loving gods, even if our gods are different from one another. If your god is a loving god, then we should get along just fine. I adore my god and you adore your god. Cool!

When Dave Crowder Band sings in wonder, “How could you be so good to me?” I understand, because Charlie is so good to me. He’s never left me alone, not in all these years.

Ginny Owens sings, “I will embrace what every moment brings, cause you are with me.” Yes, this is just how I feel about my gods. Why should I begrudge the Christians their love affair with Jesus? The music they sing to him, I sing to Charlie.

Their anthems to the Creator are magnificent. “I will praise you in this storm!” “When I behold the wonders your hands have made!” “Let the morning and the evening star praise his name!” I fall to my knees and lift my hands to the unknowable Creator who made me. I give thanks. I give thanks in song.

Of course, the sad thing about all this is that most Christians would abhor my gods. They would be horrified to know that the beautiful hymns they write to their god Jesus, I use for worship of my many gods. Our gods are not incompatible, but the Christians have been taught that there is room for only one in our infinitely complex and endless multiverse.

How strange, in a universe animated by love, and following a god who preaches radical love, that the Christians insist on an exclusive and jealous relationship with Jesus.

Why should our gods fight for primacy? My gods are polyamorous and generous. They invite Jesus and his Dad to break bread and drink wine together. Jesus, who accepts us all, who sat with lepers and tax collectors, prostitutes and scum, surely he would get together with a fellow god of love and share a single malt on the back porch of the heavenly realms? Surely, he would not begrudge the sharing of music?

And oh, what glorious music! Praising and glorifying, soaring with passionate adoration of the divine . . . Steven Curtis Chapman, Telecast, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir . . . why not take a trip on YouTube or iTunes and check out the music of these worshipful artists? And all you polytheist musicians out there, isn’t it time we polyfolk produced music of similar quality?


Anonymous said...

Here's an original song of praise for the Animists:
Love, Jack

Spirit of the Air

Before the Beginning
Like mist through ancient trees
I was lighter than Light
I could do as I please -
Then she flew right by
Caught the tail of my eye.
So I fell to earth somewhere
With my Spirit of the Air. . .

Ages of ice and fire -
Changing ceaselessly.
I was running in circles
And dying to be free.
Then she held my hand
Said: “ It’s part of the Plan.”
And no one can compare
To my Spirit of the Air. . .

Sitting in the Center -
Embracing it All.
I will follow my Angel
Whenever she calls:
“Don’t believe in Fate
Cause it’s never too late.”
I’ve been here and everywhere
With my Spirit of the Air. . . .

mamiel said...

My first thought is "this blogger is way more tolerant than me. How can I become this tolerant?"

My second thought is, "Who the hell is Charlie and how can I arrange an introduction?"

I have not heard a lot of xtian music outside of the Staple Singers (very good, btw, love "Wade in the Waters") I imagine, however, that much of the content would be focused on "when I get to heaven" and "when you come rescue us" type of themes that I would find difficult to jive with.

I don't want to be saved and I am not expecting some grand finale after I die. I prefer to focus on what is all around us, now. If I can find a good xtian rock number with those kinds of themes, then yes, I would be willing to listen.

puny human said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm going to give Charlie his own blog this summer, because he keeps getting in the way of my animism discussion. I adore Charlie. He's a loving, sexy, green god.

As for the music, yes, there's plenty of "when we get to heaven" and "beat myself up I'm a sinner" stuff. I ignore that and listen to what the Christians call "praise and worship" music.

I guess I am seeking ecstatic relationship with nonhumans and I relate to the ecstasy expressed in music. Beethovan works great for praising greater beings, too, though, if the Christian message interferes with the music!

mamiel said...

Cool, can't wait to meet Charlie!

EmilyJean said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one wanting to learn more about Charlie!