Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let me live a life of endless praise!

I pick up my pencil and the message pours into me and fills me and I am compelled to declare it to the world — to write it and draw it, sing it and shout it, here and everywhere.

This is the message:

Great is the Creator!
How marvelous the gods of love!

Every moment of every day I want to sing praises to my gods and give thanks to the Creator for my body, my pleasures, my blessings, and my breath, the galaxies and the healing weeds and all that he has made. Let all Creation praise his beautiful, unknowable name!

I walk along the woodland path and I am swept into the arms of the Green God and waltzed to the music of the wind.

I have to sell the house I just bought. This only makes me fall to my knees in awe of the power of Chaos, Mighty Amazon of the Universe.

I lift my hands to worship Sun, source of light and warmth.

Charlie speaks wisdom into my ears and fills my eyes with vision and my hands with art.

Love fills me and I swoon. My gods come to me when I call.

And always, pulsing underneath it all like the beating of a vast and dark material heart, I know that my Creator lives; the one who gave his life force to me that I might quicken and breath. Blessed be, oh my Creator, great beyond imagining!

Praise, praise to the Creator! Praise to the gods of love! Poly I am and Poly I will be. My universe is pregnant with gods!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a song... love Jack

EmilyJean said...

I couldn't agree more. But must admit - more so at this time of year than in winter.

maura said...

HI there - it is nice to read your celebratory comments - very uplifting to me as I'm dealing with a disappointment - a job I applied for and did not get. The gods have something in store for me, I think. It will be good to go home tonight and meditate, praise, and seek guidance.