Sunday, June 28, 2009

Come on people, now . . . everybody get together

Jeesh! People don't seem to like it when I find connections with Christians . . . or say anything negative about any pagan groups. This blogging business is delicate, like cooking a small fish.*

Here's the bottom line: the counter culture will have to come together if we are to have any chance of transforming the Dominator culture into . . . well, into something loving. Call it the animist reality like I do if you'd like, or the living world, or heaven on earth, or eden, or any of those posible worlds in which humanity can live in peace and abundance until the sun grows cold.

That's my ultimate goal: the salvation of humanity in the flesh on the earth, in peace and abundance. Can we agree on this goal? Do you want to work on it together?

Well, hell and damnation, we're gonna have to do better than "Christians suck" or "Druidism is the true path" if we're gonna get anywhere close. Divide and conquer has worked well for the Dominators for thousands of years, and this bickering between black folks and white folks, pagans and christians, artists and political activists, vegetarians and humans-are-meat-eaters has got to stop.

Who are we? We are anyone who shares the goal of transforming this world of cruelty and greed into a loving world. We are the nudists and the swingers, the tree-sitters and the Earth Firsters, cannabis-lovers and artists. We are all who follow a non-Dominator religious path, from polytheists and pagans and animists, to Quakers and Amish and other followers of the loving Christ, Spiritualists, Sufis, Buddhists and mystics. Anarchists, communalists, food coop folks and organic farmers. Save the whalers. Peaceniks. Fighters against bigotry and hate. Yes, even the scientific rationalists and the humanists, with whom I have little patience, when they seek this goal with love, they are one of us.

Does it really matter what labels we give to ourselves? Will we allow ourselves to be defined by our extremists?

Use every tool at your command to transform the Dominator reality. Reject their lies, their definition of human nature as fundamentally evil and in need of control. Resist their horrifying apocalypse! One of our most powerful tools to make the transformation happen is our ability to reach across differences and seek common ground. "Put the poly back in polytheism!" as Deborah Lipp succinctly says.

So, I like Christian music, so sue me!

*That's Lao Tzu's metaphor


Heronmist said...

I'll say 'Amen', 'Om' & 'Blessed Be' to that!

Very well said!!

EmilyJean said...

Puny, I SO AGREE!!! We need to focus on what we have in common with others, not what separates us. Admire how different religions and different people express love - some through music, some through dance, some through service, and so on. Respect each other for our determination to seek truth wherever it may lie and recognize that those on other paths can be just as loving and compassionate as we are trying to be. We don't have to agree with every aspect of another path in order to respect it. We are all connected in the Web of Life (or whatever each wants to call it!) and keeping that web strong means learning to love all of the other strands. Namasté to each and every one who reads this blog!

Aldrin F.T. said...

Don't mind them. Continue with the love! ;)

Lance Michael Foster said...

When I was little, "Holy Holy Holy" was my mantra when I had nightmares.

I like the old music, as well as Gregorian chant.

Although I am an animist and follow our old ways as much as I can, I also remain Roman Catholic.

I am too pagan for Catholics and too Catholic for pagans. Oh well. I am sure the Creator knows my heart.

Lance Michael Foster said...

I don't know what the hell label to apply to myself. In some ways I am like one of the early rural villagers that converted to Catholicism but still left offerings in groves and at springs. But I am also a product of my time, believing science has the best handle on material reality.

I do not have much to talk about with fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Wiccans or other fundie neopagans who paint Christianity with one brush and as little tolerance as fundie Biblethumpers paint everyone else. Or hardcore scientism, scoftics and secularists, who believe in nothing.

I can get along with anyone who believes what they believe, but also know they don't know everything :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Jesus would love to have the christians all get along with with other - never mind the other faiths. There are deep divisions amongst Pagan groups too. What is it about human groups that propagate this: Tribalism? Group Think? Xenophobia?

Each one of us is molded at a early age and some (many?) are guided towards intolerance. Very hard to overcome. Also, inter-group strife (killing abortion MDs, for example) will harden the divisions. How to soften the hearts of those too-human souls who really just want justice rather than revenge.

If we could live all together under a common banner and accept our differences - that would be fine. Life on this earth wants us to be a part of it, in peace and pleasure. -love, Jack

EmilyJean said...

RE: Lance's comment on not knowing what label to use - I think the fewer labels we use the more tolerance and harmony there will be among people. Let's try to be less exclusive and more inclusive!