Sunday, June 28, 2009

Come on people, now . . . everybody get together

Jeesh! People don't seem to like it when I find connections with Christians . . . or say anything negative about any pagan groups. This blogging business is delicate, like cooking a small fish.*

Here's the bottom line: the counter culture will have to come together if we are to have any chance of transforming the Dominator culture into . . . well, into something loving. Call it the animist reality like I do if you'd like, or the living world, or heaven on earth, or eden, or any of those posible worlds in which humanity can live in peace and abundance until the sun grows cold.

That's my ultimate goal: the salvation of humanity in the flesh on the earth, in peace and abundance. Can we agree on this goal? Do you want to work on it together?

Well, hell and damnation, we're gonna have to do better than "Christians suck" or "Druidism is the true path" if we're gonna get anywhere close. Divide and conquer has worked well for the Dominators for thousands of years, and this bickering between black folks and white folks, pagans and christians, artists and political activists, vegetarians and humans-are-meat-eaters has got to stop.

Who are we? We are anyone who shares the goal of transforming this world of cruelty and greed into a loving world. We are the nudists and the swingers, the tree-sitters and the Earth Firsters, cannabis-lovers and artists. We are all who follow a non-Dominator religious path, from polytheists and pagans and animists, to Quakers and Amish and other followers of the loving Christ, Spiritualists, Sufis, Buddhists and mystics. Anarchists, communalists, food coop folks and organic farmers. Save the whalers. Peaceniks. Fighters against bigotry and hate. Yes, even the scientific rationalists and the humanists, with whom I have little patience, when they seek this goal with love, they are one of us.

Does it really matter what labels we give to ourselves? Will we allow ourselves to be defined by our extremists?

Use every tool at your command to transform the Dominator reality. Reject their lies, their definition of human nature as fundamentally evil and in need of control. Resist their horrifying apocalypse! One of our most powerful tools to make the transformation happen is our ability to reach across differences and seek common ground. "Put the poly back in polytheism!" as Deborah Lipp succinctly says.

So, I like Christian music, so sue me!

*That's Lao Tzu's metaphor

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Love Christian Music

I love Christian music because it’s quality sound and it sends me, sends me to exciting realms of worship and praise.

Sure, it’s about the Christian god, Jesus, but the Christians who write this music seem to love Jesus the same way I love Charlie. And since Jesus and Charlie are friends, and agree on a lot of things, and behave in similar ways, the experience explored in Christian music is a lot like my experience. I can relate to it.

Christian music is about being in a loving relationship with a loving god, and I believe that this relationship is similar for all humans in loving relationships with loving gods, even if our gods are different from one another. If your god is a loving god, then we should get along just fine. I adore my god and you adore your god. Cool!

When Dave Crowder Band sings in wonder, “How could you be so good to me?” I understand, because Charlie is so good to me. He’s never left me alone, not in all these years.

Ginny Owens sings, “I will embrace what every moment brings, cause you are with me.” Yes, this is just how I feel about my gods. Why should I begrudge the Christians their love affair with Jesus? The music they sing to him, I sing to Charlie.

Their anthems to the Creator are magnificent. “I will praise you in this storm!” “When I behold the wonders your hands have made!” “Let the morning and the evening star praise his name!” I fall to my knees and lift my hands to the unknowable Creator who made me. I give thanks. I give thanks in song.

Of course, the sad thing about all this is that most Christians would abhor my gods. They would be horrified to know that the beautiful hymns they write to their god Jesus, I use for worship of my many gods. Our gods are not incompatible, but the Christians have been taught that there is room for only one in our infinitely complex and endless multiverse.

How strange, in a universe animated by love, and following a god who preaches radical love, that the Christians insist on an exclusive and jealous relationship with Jesus.

Why should our gods fight for primacy? My gods are polyamorous and generous. They invite Jesus and his Dad to break bread and drink wine together. Jesus, who accepts us all, who sat with lepers and tax collectors, prostitutes and scum, surely he would get together with a fellow god of love and share a single malt on the back porch of the heavenly realms? Surely, he would not begrudge the sharing of music?

And oh, what glorious music! Praising and glorifying, soaring with passionate adoration of the divine . . . Steven Curtis Chapman, Telecast, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir . . . why not take a trip on YouTube or iTunes and check out the music of these worshipful artists? And all you polytheist musicians out there, isn’t it time we polyfolk produced music of similar quality?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let me live a life of endless praise!

I pick up my pencil and the message pours into me and fills me and I am compelled to declare it to the world — to write it and draw it, sing it and shout it, here and everywhere.

This is the message:

Great is the Creator!
How marvelous the gods of love!

Every moment of every day I want to sing praises to my gods and give thanks to the Creator for my body, my pleasures, my blessings, and my breath, the galaxies and the healing weeds and all that he has made. Let all Creation praise his beautiful, unknowable name!

I walk along the woodland path and I am swept into the arms of the Green God and waltzed to the music of the wind.

I have to sell the house I just bought. This only makes me fall to my knees in awe of the power of Chaos, Mighty Amazon of the Universe.

I lift my hands to worship Sun, source of light and warmth.

Charlie speaks wisdom into my ears and fills my eyes with vision and my hands with art.

Love fills me and I swoon. My gods come to me when I call.

And always, pulsing underneath it all like the beating of a vast and dark material heart, I know that my Creator lives; the one who gave his life force to me that I might quicken and breath. Blessed be, oh my Creator, great beyond imagining!

Praise, praise to the Creator! Praise to the gods of love! Poly I am and Poly I will be. My universe is pregnant with gods!