Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am not a shaman

I’m not a shaman or a healer. I don’t have an esoteric, inside line to alternate realities. I’m just an animist is all, and this is what animists see and hear. I can speak in tree, and grass and rock. Other animists see and hear the animal world. Some can see Eden, hidden under the asphalt.

I don’t have to be a shaman for my nonordinary experiences to be valid. Neither do you. I can be a plain old puny human whose spirit eyes and spirit ears are open. You can see and hear the nonhumans, too, if you pay attention. The trees are looking back at you.

What do you need with books or tribal teachers? Are you a Rain Forest Dweller? A Siberian or Navaho tribesman? I’m not. I’m a 21st century, fucked up, dumbed down, puny little human. I have pink skin and my ancestors were European Jews. Culturally I’m a white, middle-class, American with a western education. I was born and bred to the Dominator culture, but I will not bow down before their monogods! Does that make me a shaman?

I follow Charlie and he leads me to green pastures and into the homes of the green people, who are my people, and the Green World, which is my world, an animist world. I would rather live there than in the Dominator World with all its glittering techno-toys and promises. I don’t need money or celebrity. I don’t need any more stuff. Just give me the Green World and I will be at peace.

Am I a shaman because I walk between these worlds? Heavens, no! All I want is to rest in the Green World, but I’m forced to spend far too much of my earthly time in the Dominator. I hate it there. It’s noisy and polluted. People are at one another’s throats. There’s a mind-fucking amount of neural stimulation, speed, and complexity, useless information, anxiety and greed. It sucks. And I suppose the fact that it sucks makes people almost ready to accept some kind of apocalypic end. At least we’d go out with a bang, one might say. But, say it's not so!

Listen, there’s a hell of a wonderful Green World out there, and it’s quite possible, even now, that humans could live in peace and abundance for another million years. Talk about protecting the unborn! Let’s make sure there’s a future for our grandchildren, hey? Let’s stop buying the Dominator lies, whether they come from the mouths of the capitalists, the politicians, or your own neighborhood pulpits. Let’s stop buying stuff. Let’s vote for kindness and service. Let’s bring back the discussion of love that we began in the 60s.

Please, everybody, please? Just take a look at this alternative future, one in which humanity comes to its senses and yanks the power out from under the Dominators like it was a rug in a Daffy Duck cartoon. What if we really did start loving our neighbors? What if we took the long view? What if we stopped chasing the idols of more and bigger and newer? What if we no longer bowed down to the monogods who justify human cruelty and greed?

The living Earth has been fucked by these Dominators and we call it inevitable. We accept it, but we will pay in the extinction of our species. Am I a shaman because I can see this? Am I a prophet? Hell, no! Anyone with half a brain and an intact spirit could see it. But most spirits are crushed beneath the Dominator wheels.


EmilyJean said...

Lilly, I wish you'd come here and communicate with my plants and trees and tell me what they want me to know!

Shaman UK said...

Hello, and thanks for your comment on my blog. I particularly enjoyed this post and you are of course quite right, no-one needs to be an anything to experience and take pleasure in Nature and its many voices.