Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dominator Control: From Terror to Technology

There is a wealthy and powerful criminal class that has controlled civilized human life for thousands of years. I call this class the "Dominators." Terror, cruelty, threat, extortion, and other acts of violence have kept the rest of us under their control from the start, and they still use these techniques to control the human species. Today, however, their grip is so complete that even the tribal (noncivilized) cultures are being exterminated, assimilated or marginalized.

Controlling culture and the institutions of culture, such as religion, medicine, politics, education and industry proved to be a cleaner and even tighter method for the Dominators to exert their influence. For example, even before Constantine imprinted the cross on his battle flags, Dominators used religion as a means to enter the spirits of the people and direct their values, beliefs, and souls to the service of the ruling elite. Control religion, as history is quick to show, and you can easily direct young men to commit acts of terror and war.

Since the rise of capital industry and the growing sophistication of both mechanical and psychological technologies, the Dominators have increasingly used spiritual methods of control. Implanting their reality deep within the human psyche, they have convinced us that more is better. Faster is better. Complexity is good and the highest levels of stimulation must be adjusted to. They would have us believe that work is painful and life is suffering and human nature is fundamentally evil and should be erradicated. That human beings are enemies to one another, in constant competition, and that only a fool would trust his or her neighbor. We are convinced that our own experience is suspect and only their science (on the one hand) or their bible (on the other) can reveal the truth.

We are made anxious, and sick in body and spirit, and how we are softened up, by these beliefs, for the Dominator apocalypse. In the meantime, we are marvelous machines, Dominator slaves, churning the raw materials of the Mother Earth into wealth to satisfy their neverending lust.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with everything you say here. While I haven't heard the world's exploiters referred to as the "Dominators" before, they are the ruling power-mongering, greedy ones no matter what we call them. My only solace is in knowing that they do not know the true God, and so their "successes" cannot be permanent.

Sophia said...

I think one thing we need to explore more is who "they" are - because in a way, THEY are US. It's not like there is simply a biological switch that is flipped to determine if each of us becomes a dominator or not. It's culture, it's society, it may be "world system" history or psychology. It is probably some mixture of these things far too complex to sort out, a result of the swirling chaotic world.

So what do we do? The misanthropists say there's no fixing us, the activists say let's take community action to change our everyday lives, the revolutionaries say let's have an uprising, either of our physical society or of our collective consciousness. This is where i get stuck, but I suppose the answer has to be just as chaotically determined as the causes of the problem.

EmilyJean said...

I share your feelings about people who dominate and exploit others. However, I wouldn't want to label them "Dominators" or anything else. Labels turn groups of people into black and white and encourage us to judge each other. Each "Dominator" is an individual person with a multi-faceted personality. Some of them may be struggling with their egos and testing new spiritual paths to see where they lead. You never know. . . . And perhaps we were "Dominators" in a previous life. Any personality aspect like that is temporary. The new dominators may "grow out of it" just like we might have.

Sophia said...

But are we active players in God's will? If so, what do we do to preserve what the true God has created/manifested?

puny human said...

We are indeed co-creators of this world, Sophia. I think that implies responsibility.

Yes, THEY are US, and even the least of us collude with the mighty, wealthy and powerful Dominators when we act in ways that perpetuate the system of domination they put into place. But there are struggling humans who shop at Wal-Mart and there are Dominators who would send our sons to war to line pockets already stuffed with gold.

Here I disagree with EmilyJean. I have a right to judge the behavior of my fellow humans, and I condemn those who would murder and plunder to feed their insatiable lust for money and power. I hold others responsible for their behavior, whatever their personalities or psychological make-up.

Note to Sophia: My oldest daughter once reassured me that we all work for the revolution in our own ways, large and small. Whatever you choose to do, Sophia, to transform the Dominator World into another reality, however small, is good enough. Auntie Chaos will take what you do and use it to spice the stew!

Anonymous said...

The Dominator agenda is systemic and insidious - it takes over all institutions & belief systems in its need to control. Most individuals would not wish to be or support the Dominators but do so mostly our of fear or insecurity. Like a recent Pew survey showing that church-going people are more likely to support torture - they've been scared into this position. The Dominators use our fears, our second-guessing ourselves, our wish to be good & helpful - any human motivation is fair game to promote their agenda. As long as they can keep us fighting each other with wedge issues or support their wars with claims of "National Security" - they can plunder this world without any meaningful opposition.